Monday, 29 August 2016

Morning Docket: 08.29.16

* Sixth Circuit decides farmers don’t need the Internet. It’s your move now, lobbyists! [NY Times]

* The latest in the “Houston” law school showdown. [Houston Chronicle]

* In Trump U. litigation news, there’s a battle over who gets to be called an “expert” in a case about whether unqualified people pretended to be experts. [Courthouse News Service]

* Remember Kim Dotcom? He wants to livestream his legal battle, which seems a lot less interesting than what he used to put up. [USNWR]

* HSBC paying $13M in suits alleging improperly recorded debt-collection calls. [Law360]

* Robot lawyering spreads: The parking ticket battling algorithm moves to Seattle. [WTSP]

* “How do you cross-examine a computer?” I dunno, Ctrl-Alt-Delete? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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