Friday, 9 September 2016

Non-Sequiturs: 09.09.16

* The ABA is finally cracking down on law school accreditation… and ham-fistedly came down on the wrong school. [Big Law Business]

* The EU Playboy verdict could undermine the online press. [Engadget]

* Today, on the anniversary of the Attica uprising, prisoners across several states planned a mass work stoppage to protest systemic injustices. How does something like this come together? [Wired]

* Meanwhile, across the pond, the Supreme Court is selling off art made by prisoners for £30-£500 a pop. [Legal Cheek]

* We need more judges like this. [Katz Justice]

* A chat with activist Amanda Nguyen on the occasion of President Obama’s expected signing of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. [NPR]

* The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline is generating as much buzz as anything can over the cacophony of the election and football, but is there a legal case to be made for putting a stop to the project? [The Atlantic]

* Forget about the Prime Directive, why doesn’t Star Fleet have a duty to warn about some of the crazy stuff they run across? [The Legal Geeks]

* Speaking of Star Trek, the National Marine Fisheries Service just delisted nine humpback whale populations from the endangered species list. Thanks, Admiral Kirk! [Courthouse News Service]

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