Thursday, 20 July 2017

O.J. Simpson: 'I've basically spent a conflict-free life'

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On Thursday, O.J. Simpson had his parole hearing after being convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping related to a 2007 incident in Las Vegas. If he's awarded parole, he'll be eligible for release as early as October 1, after serving almost 9 years of the sentence.

Before the decision was announced, Simpson was asked questions by the Nevada parole board. In one instance, Simpson was asked about conflicts he's had in his life.

"I've basically spent a conflict-free life," he said.

Simpson didn't reference the "trial of the century" in 1994 — in which he was found not guilty — centered around the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, nor did he reference past allegations of spousal abuse.

During the trial, and most recently with the airing of the Oscar-winning ESPN documentary "O.J.: Made in America," 911 calls have been released of Nicole Simpson calling numerous times for police to come to their house, saying that O.J. had beat her. In one instance, she told the arriving officer she thought he would "kill me."  

Watch the parole hearing below:


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